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One Quick Dialogue to Get You BACK on the Phones

March 30, 2017 − by admin − in Broker Recruiting Resources, How to Be a Profitable Recruiter, Real Estate Recruiting, Real Estate Recruiting Coach, Scripts − Comments Off on One Quick Dialogue to Get You BACK on the Phones

Say NO to Rejection

by Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeur

Recruiting is still the lifeblood of this industry.  We all know that in order to make the hire we have to get the interview. To get the interview we have to get the appointment and in order to make the appointment, we have to make that darn call!  Easier said than done.

If you are currently reluctant to pick up the phone and make the call to breathe new life into your organization, commit to take this approach:  The NO REJECTION dialog. 

Start your dialog with a compliment or a word of encouragement to get the “No Rejection” dialog rolling. Topics could include complimenting them on:photodune-2470705-reject-and-no-on-the-blackboard--xs

1)    Their personal website  (Of course you need to view it to discuss it)

2)    Recent ads they are currently sponsoring – (Especially since so many agents have cut back on their ads)

3)    Their average Days On Market for properties listed – (Discuss pricing it right; controlling seller expectations)

4)     The percentage from List Price to Sale Price – (Include CMA process and marketing strategies)

For the next 30 days, I just want you to call, discuss something that they will feel good about, compliment them and close with this phrase. “Do you have anything special planned for the holidays?” (Get their feedback.)  Continue with, “That sounds wonderful. I want to wish you, your family and those you care about the most wonderful holiday season ever. It’s been a busy year for everyone, so take this time to relax, have fun and enjoy the things you enjoy doing. We are expecting another great year next year in real estate.  We look forward to working together with you in the New Year!” Yes, you read it right. I did not ask you to close for an interview. By not closing, you will remove the rejection factor.  Be prepared for your prospect to be surprised.  Most important, remain sincere and transparent.  As we approach the end of the year, it’s important to build those relationships. We will be in touch with them again the first of the year, and that time we WILL ask them to come in for an interview.

This communication will build value into your organization while enriching your relationship with the prospect. Now, go ahead…make the call!

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