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When you’re looking for a real estate recruiting speaker that can deliver the topics, timeliness and tools your team needs to succeed – look no further than Judy LaDeur International.  From thought leadership to trending solutions – they’ve got you covered.


Management That Matters

In today’s ever-changing real estate industry, there are key ingredients required to achieve and maintain success. Management that Matters offers a great recipe full of simple tips and easily implemented systems designed to ensure success and allow Broker/Owner/Managers to focus on incoming producing tasks. This common sense approach to leadership has been designed to help you avoid the daily pitfalls that elevate frustration while enabling you to focus on increased profitability.

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“How To” Recruit Experienced Agents

In this six-hour program, brokers and managers learn the 6 Golden Rules to Recruiting Experienced Agents.

They will also learn “how to” overcome the most common stumbling blocks and get better results when targeting and recruiting experienced agents. This high impact, intensive program provides start to finish instructions on implementing complete, on-going recruiting systems – guaranteed to get results!

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Achieving Maximum Results from Newly Licensed Associates

A custom designed program for the Broker/Owner/Manager ready to achieve maximum results from tomorrow’s industry leaders…today.

Where to find them? How to interview them? What to teach them? And who will assist the already exhausted Broker/Owner in managing them?

These are a few of the simple, yet essential questions which will be answered in this seminar. Accountability is the key. This system will open you to increased market position and unlimited profitability yet unlocked by you if you have been overlooking the right new candidates.

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“How To” Increase Agent Loyalty & Keep Your Best People

Retention of good sales associates is easier than you think. Retention is not a matter of money, it’s about creating an environment that people enjoy working in.

By placing the same emphasis on retention that you do on recruiting, not only will your office become more profitable and a happy place to be, but your sales agents will help you recruit because they feel it’s the best place to work!

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Built to Sell…The Retiring Real Estate Professional.

With the average age of today’s REALTOR at 57…retirement is inevitable.

This course is designed to train and coach the Broker/Owner to be proactive in preparing their Associates to build their business to sell, thus maintaining market share and market position. This program provides systems, tips and a guide to transition existing business from the retiring or relocating Associate to an existing Associate within your office.

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“How To” Overcome the Most Common Stalls & Objections

Brokers and agents alike are constantly searching for more effective ways to overcome objections and stalls.

In this presentation, Judy gives examples of the most common stalls and objections, and also explains why overcoming a stall will never lead to a decision. Her five-step process allows you to determine the underlying objection and effectively overcome it.

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“How To” Interview the Experienced Agents You Want

Many brokers feel intimidated when interviewing experienced agents and top producers. The key to staying in control is finding out if the agent is really a good fit for the company.

By asking I the right questions and focusing on the candidate’s concerns, you can make the right mutual decision together. In this presentation, Judy LaDeur shows participants “how to” improve interviewing skills and hire an average of two experienced agents per month.

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The Formula for Increasing Market Share & Profitability

The quickest way for any broker to dramatically increase market share and profitability is to recruit experienced agents. But while brokers know they should recruit continually, most do not.

This presentation is designed to give a new perspective on recruiting when Judy LaDeur shows you “how to” master the process of building a profitable office.

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Systems That Keep You Positioned Face-to-Face with the Agents You Want

Recruiting experienced agents is still one of the greatest challenges of most brokers today. Having a strong foundation is one of the most important elements of your recruiting plan.

This presentation covers all the basics that any broker needs to know if they are serious about recruiting. Judy’s humorous perspective on recruiting experienced agents clearly demonstrates that she has “been there and done it”. Guaranteed to get you excited about recruiting.

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The Recruiters Retreat – An Exclusive Three Day Skill Building Retreat

The Recruiters Retreat is a fun filled, high-energy retreat designed to fine tune and build recruiting skills for brokers, managers and recruiters. We teach

  1. prospecting systems
  2. presentation skills and
  3. closing techniques.

This CRB Accredited program provides step-by-step instructions on implementing recruiting, retention and defensive strategies that have measurable results and practical value. It’s also the perfect training ground for full time recruiters who want to sharpen their skills and learn the latest recruiting techniques.

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The Professional Recruiting Course

Five Sessions – Ten Weeks – Spaced Learning

In The Professional Recruiting Course, participating brokers and managers go through a series of five progressive workshops designed to teach them

  1. how to set up strong prospecting systems,
  2. develop strong interview and closing skills,
  3. build agent loyalty and improve retention and
  4. the latest defensive strategies in recruiting warfare.

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