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Ultimate Real Estate Recruiting Letter Library and Marketing Resource

One of the hardest things for brokers and managers to do is to figure out what to send, how to market and how to effectively COMMUNICATE with their recruiting prospects. In this all-new product the  Ultimate Real Estate Recruiting Letters and Marketing Resource Library, Judy teams up with industry writer and expert Julie Escobar to deliver some of the most powerful, intriguing and results-producing letters, social media content, marketing tools and more to ensure you’ve got everything you need to recruit your dream team. Completely in digital format and copy-and-paste simple, you’ll love the ease of use and the at-your-fingertips content!

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How to Successfully Sell or Acquire a Thriving Real Estate Business!

A recent NAR survey indicated that 87% of all agents surveyed, plan to walk away from their real estate business without even trying to sell it!  You have worked hard to build that business and you should definitely be selling it if you are retiring or relocating. Everything you need to sell or acquire a thriving real estate business is included such as sample letters, sample contracts, guidelines, success strategies, behavior profiles, database management insights and even a bonus 30 minute audio with Judy to guide you through the process step by step!

Perfect for agents who are retiring or relocating,  agents who want to develop a business that they can sell in the future, agents who want to acquire a business to increase their income, as well as EVERY broker! Brokers no longer need to lose the market share of retiring and relocating agents. This is a great recruiting and retention tool!

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Recruiters Workshop & Networking Event

Call for Dates!

How do you build the team of your dreams? The Recruiters Workshop & Networking Event with industry icon Judy LaDeur. Join her for THREE game-changing days of skill development, dialogues, strategies and solutions — followed by one year of follow up support and unbelievable results! What do they do that’s different?

They remove the option to fail!

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How to Hire and Compensate a Full Time Recruiter

Everything you need to hire the right recruiter is in this product. Includes: compensation plans, non-compete agreement, daily work plan, accountability forms, a behavior profile to use in the selection process, as well as ads, letters and other tools to complete the process.

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Powerful Phone Scripts for Master Recruiters

The #1 challenge of most brokers is “picking up the phone”. Our system has proven that if you make the calls, you will hire the agents! It is just that simple. Why aren’t more brokers picking up the phone to make their calls? Most admit they don’t know what to say. Now you can call with without fear from our newest product, Powerful Phone Scripts for Master Recruiters. You will learn how to engage prospects and book appointments with ease. This book of scripts makes it easy to pick up the phone and call from your home or office. These scripts also complement our most popular recruiting systems such as: The co-op agents system The Welcome New Agent system The piggy back system The business card referral system Hiring the second year agent system We are impressed with your production system Inviting agents to an event system Each of our scripts follow the 5 step formula which we teach to always have a more effective conversation. You will also learn how to promote your company strengths and systems.

You can purchase our newest product for just $29.95 plus $5.00 shipping..

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The “Profitable Recruiting System”

In this latest product, Judy LaDeur has taken her proven recruiting system and strengthened it for Today’s Real Estate Market. Boom Market or Bust, The “Profitable Recruiting System” is “Your Green Light to Success”. The program is a step by step system for successfully recruiting your market’s experienced Agents.

Tapping into skills you already possess, Judy will show you how to overcome any barrier a potential recruit might place in front of you. With over 7 hours of content rich instruction and scripted role plays the “Profitable Recruiting System” will have you getting more green lights from all your top prospects.

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