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The #1 challenge of most brokers is “picking up the phone”. Our system has proven that if you make the calls, you will hire the agents! It is just that simple. Why aren’t more brokers picking up the phone to make their calls? Most admit they don’t know what to say. Now you can call with without fear from our newest product, Powerful Phone Scripts for Master Recruiters. You will learn how to engage prospects and book appointments with ease. This book of scripts makes it easy to pick up the phone and call from your home or office. These scripts also complement our most popular recruiting systems such as: The co-op agents system The Welcome New Agent system The piggy back system The business card referral system Hiring the second year agent system We are impressed with your production system Inviting agents to an event system Each of our scripts follow the 5 step formula which we teach to always have a more effective conversation. You will also learn how to promote your company strengths and systems.

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