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The Recruiter’s Retreat is a fun filled, high-energy retreat designed to fine tune and build recruiting skills for brokers, managers and recruiters. We teach

  1. prospecting systems
  2. presentation skills and
  3. closing techniques.

This program provides step-by-step instructions on implementing recruiting, retention and defensive strategies that have measurable results and practical value. It’s also the perfect training ground for full time recruiters who want to sharpen their skills and learn the latest recruiting techniques.

The program is based on years of experience and field research, and is presented in a hands on, interactive “how to” approach to recruiting.

Participants will learn:

  • Proven systems for recruiting the agents they want
  • The top advanced recruiting systems.
  • What works, what doesn’t and why.
  • The best kept secrets of retention.
  • The latest defensive strategies.
  • Effective dialog that gets you face-to-face with agents you want to hire.
  • How to stay in control of the interview process.
  • How to overcome the stalls and objections we hear from experienced agents
  • How to master the presentation process.
  • The most common recruiting mistakes and how to avoid them.

Participants are encouraged to bring their existing recruiting presentation materials for fine-tuning and skill building. There is also plenty of time between sessions for personal instruction and networking with your peers.

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