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Five Sessions.
Ten Weeks.
Spaced Learning.
RESULTS You Can Count On.

In The Professional Recruiting Course, participating brokers and managers go through a series of five progressive workshops designed to teach them:

  1. how to set up strong prospecting systems,
  2. develop strong interview and closing skills,
  3. build agent loyalty and improve retention and
  4. the latest defensive strategies in recruiting warfare

This intensive program focuses on:

  • SKILL BUILDING – Each of the workshops gives our participants the opportunity to “practice” specific techniques and dialog. Interactive class exercises teach participants how to integrate what they are learning into their individual management style.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Participants will be held accountable for specific assignments throughout the ten weeks. Their recruiting activities will be monitored.
  • MEASURABLE RESULTS – A Certificate of Graduation will be given only to those participants who successfully complete assignments, which includes actually hiring a minimum of three licensed agents.

Over six thousand (6,000) graduates have averaged 7 or more hires during the workshop!

Participants receive:

  • Thirty hours of hands-on, “how to” instruction
  • Field assignments which require participants to implement the systems
  • A complete workshop manual with two cassette tapes to reinforce dialog and classroom information
  • One-on-one personal consultation and assistance as needed
  • Systems that deliver results during the course, and after

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