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What brokers and recruiters around the globe have to say…

“There are many consultants who know the metrics of the brokerage business. There are a few who understand the human dynamics of clients and their firms. Judy LaDeur is among the handful throughout the industry who get both and has the experience across the years and hundreds of clients to really know where the keys to success will be for each individual client.“ –Steve Murray, President, REAL Trends

“Judy LaDeur has been the Mentor for our Management team since its inception. She is dynamic in her approach challenging even experienced management and ownership to new levels of achievement in recruiting, retention and business management. It has been a pleasure to work with Judy as she challenged us to even greater achievements.  The proof of her approach is in the results. In our particular case, a new office in Mississauga in September 2012 now has over 75 experienced Realtors in just 7 month producing  very strongly!  After only four years in the business, our brokerage is now among the Top 20 brokerages in the Toronto Real Estate Board for sales transaction ends. Judy was an integral part of the development of our successful recruiting, retention and development program. Thank you, Judy for your assistance!” – Darryl Mitchell, Manager Broker

“I have worked for many years with Judy as our Recruiting Coach & Consultant and would like all Brokers to know that Judy is a significant resource for getting regular growth and retention happening in your company. Our Metro Vancouver Properties group in Vancouver, BC, Canada with 10 offices and 550+ agents was the winner of the REMAX international Worldwide Sales Volume award for Multi Offices for the years 2009 through 2011 and Judy was very much a part of that success. I urge all REMAX Brokers to act now as the opportunity of a lifetime is in front of you with the US economy on the rebound. The early subscribers to professional coaching for their full time recruiters and managers will be the award winners of the future. All I can say is thanks a million Judy! “ – Deborah Upton, Broker Owner

“Judy has been working with me for over a year now, and she has helped me grow and learn more about recruiting, and the real estate industry than I ever could have ever imagined I needed to know.  Her dedication to my growth is second to none, and even when I became discouraged from time to time, she was there to guide me and help me understand the nature of the role. Judy’s knowledge of the real estate industry and the recruiter role is outstanding, and I would recommend her services to anyone in the industry!” – Lynda McIntyre, Talent Attraction

“We have had the pleasure of working with Judy in South Africa and the US over the last 15 years and have always liked her direct, methodical approach to recruiting and motivating people to prioritize recruiting . Over the years Judy has educated and inspired our people and we have in the process gained a friend and trusted adviser. ”- Peter Gilmour, Chairman & Regional Owner

“One spring, faced with a ¾ empty office, bills, and the inability to get Experienced agents to talk to me, I called Judy LaDeur.  My words?  ‘Help me.  If you can’t fix me, I’ll get out of the business.’  Two months later, I’m sitting in Chicago in a new program called ‘One-on-One with Judy LaDeur.’  I was intimidated!  Because I had no where to hide from Judy!  For three days, she grilled me, taught me, helped me to discover what I didn’t know about myself.  Judy showed me WHY I didn’t understand the interview process, how I made the same mistakes ALL THE OTHER BROKERS are doing, and how to present exactly what the potential agent needed to hear – so they would join my company.  When I called Judy, we were the 34th company Wichita Kansas (by volume).  As I right this, we’re now number 7, and (still rising) and just added our 3rd location.  All this, and by my choice, I NEVER hire new agents.  Never, I find experienced agents that add to my bottom line without waiting to see who will make it, and who will quit before 6 months. Thanks Judy – I did what you told me to do, and you saved my business!” – Greg Fox, Broker/Owner

“Judy does a wonderful job of teaching sales skills to the sales reluctant because she understands that what she is teaching is nothing but skills in human interaction that will benefit you in every relationship you have. She is teaching you how to find the need and offer solutions to fill those needs, to go beyond caring about agents but showing them how to achieve those things they truly desire by helping them come to the decision that is truly best for them.” – Jim Morgan,  General Manager

“Judy LaDeur is a must for Real Estate Owners and Managers looking for recruiting success. She has successfully delivered her programs over and over again. A must for serious recruiters.”  – Jay Hummer  Franchise Development

“Judy’s recruiting coaching and training skills are outstanding. Judy has delivered incredible value to me and all the other broker owners and recruiters she’s works with. The depth of knowledge of real estate, building a profitable brokerage and recruiting solutions combined with her communication skills allows her to have an incredible impact. I would highly recommend engaging Judy to assist you with her coaching and training to help you build a more profitable brokerage or to sell your business. I’m so blessed to work with Judy professionally and even more blessed to call her my friend.“- Mike Schulte, Director of Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

“As a sales coach, trainer and recruiter, I am always looking for creative and exciting ways to engage candidates in the work that I love. Judy is a wonderful coach with a proven system that creates a better understanding of a recruits motivation. Her system is designed to allow a recruiter and coach to assist a potential employee in the decision making process in  a very elective way. I have hired several new employees with tips I learned from her sessions. I thank Judy for adding new methods to my skills tool bag!”  – De Wilmore, Director of Career Development

“I have known Judy for a great many years. If you are looking for the nuts and bolts and motivation to take your Recruiting to the next level look no further. She never disappoints!” – Mike Pokryfka,  Coldwell Banker Regional Broker Support

“Comprehensive, current and accountable- three words to describe this program. If you are not growing, you’re dying. Judy shares her proven methods to either build from scratch or enhance your current growth strategy. I believe you must treat yourself like a valuable asset and constantly reinvest in your business; doing so will reinforce your self-worth and strengthen your discipline factor to reach the goals you strive for. We have had many of our EXIT Realty Associates attend Judy’s training and we have seen direct positive results along the way. Our model at EXIT is perfectly designed to recruit with the added bonus of creating wealth and Judy is a master at harnessing your efforts and setting you on a path to success. I highly recommend you see for yourself.”  – Craig Witt, President-North Central U.S. Division, EXIT Realty Corp. 

“Judy is always smiling and full of energy and knows how to get brokers going into recruiting mode like no one else!” –   Dario Castiglia Regional Director  RE/MAX Italia

“To those who would be benefited:  Thirty (30) years ago Tom Hopkins, Danielle Kennedy and Floyd Wickman taught me how to be a top Listing Agent. It took three (3) of them!  Fifteen (15) years ago I began coaching with Judy LaDeur. Just  ‘ONE’ of her and I became a top recruiter in Montgomery County, Maryland. To this day, I speak with her monthly and unabashedly credit her for our continued success!” – Charles Llewellyn, President/CEO Llewellyn Realtors

“When I first heard about Judy, it was from my very best friend Gudrun Bjarnadottir, Broker Owner of the Re/max Cannes office. I was told that Judy had the best approach to effective recruiting techniques. Olivier, my son and business partner met Judy at a Re/max conference and was immediately convinced that Judy had not only the experience but was on the top of her career. When someone reaches that level of expertise it can only bring success to the ones that will follow her advise and learn from her.  I am so thrilled to say that there is no one as expert in the management skills, recruiting and coaching than Judy. She is the best, that is as simple as that.”  – Audree Mevellec,  President & Co-Founder, International Real Estate Specialist Designation  I.R.E.S

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