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Time: 3 hours (can be expanded up to 6 hours to include closing skills with role playing exercises)

Many brokers feel intimidated when interviewing experienced agents and top producers. The key to staying in control is finding out if the agent is really a good fit for the company.

By asking I the right questions and focusing on the candidate’s concerns, you can make the right mutual decision together. In this presentation, Judy LaDeur shows participants “how to” improve interviewing skills and hire an average of two experienced agents per month.

  • How to relax the candidate and take the stress out of the interview,
  • What interview questions to ask and how to identify the candidate’s “hot buttons”
  • Creating a powerful recruiting presentation that focuses on the candidate’s concerns
  • The “trial close” and how to use it to gauge it to the candidate’s feelings
  • How to present the details of your offer simply and quickly
  • Five steps for successfully overcoming common stalls and objections
  • How to build value and close for a decision

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