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Time: 90 minutes (can be expanded up to 3 hours)

The quickest way for any broker to dramatically increase market share and profitability is to recruit experienced agents. But while brokers know they should recruit continually, most do not.

This presentation is designed to give a new perspective on recruiting when Judy LaDeur shows you “how to” master the process of building a profitable office.

  • The formula for increasing market position by $30 million in just one year
  • How to set up an effective system to “farm” for experienced agent candidates
  • What experienced agents are looking for and how to get their attention
  • Cold calling dialog that gets you face to face with three agents per week
  • Recruiting systems that work and drive the competition crazy
  • How to get your agents excited about recruiting
  • What to the top producers want? It’s not money… but it does help them make more money!

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