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The Top Five Must-Do Strategies for Brokers to Implement in Today’s Market

August 08, 2012 − by admin − in Hiring Experienced Agents, Hiring the Right Agents, Judy LaDeur, Real Estate Recruiting, Shifting Market Strategies − Comments Off on The Top Five Must-Do Strategies for Brokers to Implement in Today’s Market

Staying Ahead of the Trends

By Real Estate Recruiting Expert and Coach Judy LaDeur

Our market continues to change at a crazy clip and smart brokers and managers are scrambling in many ways to keep up.  To help make the most of your recruiting efforts, energy and marketing dollars, I’ve put together five top strategies for a successful rest of the year that are generating tremendous results for brokers across North America.

  1.  Be sure to have a SPECIFIC, laid out, retention program to keep the agents that you already have. Agents need to know that they are appreciated and wanted.  In troubled times, agents who feel under-appreciated begin to look to your competition for acknowledgement.
  2. Provide powerful ongoing training, coaching and mentoring to keep your agents productive, ahead of the trends and confident in their skills and tools. Productive agents are happy agents and companies who continue to provide resources for success will grow exponentially over their competitors.
  3. Provide marketing support for two very important reasons. It increases your agents’ business and more importantly ensures that the marketing ACTUALLY gets done. Many agents cut their marketing budgets, which resulted in less business for the agent – but also for the company. When agents sell homes, companies make money so whatever you can do as a broker to support their business, is always a winning strategy.
  4. Implement a strong recruiting campaign which consists of marketing, calls, social media, advertising, and interviews weekly!  Now is the perfect time to keep your ears to the ground and your eyes open for trends in your market that you can leverage.  A competitor that pulls back on resources.  A change in management at another company.  A top producer who isn’t being recognized.  Use these trends to your advantage and RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT!
  5. Know your numbers! What I mean by that is—know your value propositions.  What is the VALUE of being with your company? How many referrals do you generate per agent? What percentage of their business is generated by something you’re providing? I am always amazed how few brokers know what percentage of an agents business is as a result of something that company does to support them…and that is the key to recruiting and retention!

Hope you’ve found these tips helpful.  If you’d like to learn more about growing your business, building the right team or working a SMARTER recruiting plan (because harder is no fun) then give me a call at (630) 402-0898 or visit me online at

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