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Real Estate Recruiting Coach Judy LaDeurIf there’s one common thread that weaves real estate industry leaders together, it’s this: Now, more than ever, recruiting and retention of quality sales associates is vital for continued growth and success.

Judy LaDeur International is an organization committed to developing the strongest skills possible in brokers, managers, recruiters, agents, and team leaders.   For more than 30 years, results have always been the element which sets Judy’s training and coaching apart from many others. Committed to your success, we work hard to assist you in defining your goals, achieving and exceeding them. The Covenant Coaching program is designed to take your career to new heights.

Our motto: Committed to Excellence, Proven with Results!

As management consultants, we meet this challenge of continued growth and success with new and innovative ideas. We deliver results on recruiting, retention, increased market share and consistent profits through our customized programs and products. Our programs are successful because they are based on years of practical experience, not just our own, but the success of thousands of successful agents and brokers all across the United States and Canada.

But we don’t stop there. In our work with progressive agents, brokers and recruiters across North America and abroad, we’ve learned that the best always strive to be better. That’s why we personally keep up-to-date on the most innovative developments in the field.  Additionally, we continually improve our workshops and products to meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry. Our programs and products are all designed to show you how to find the right agents, promote teamwork, increase your market share and achieve your personal business goals. We hope that by applying our information and ideas, and implementing them daily into your own personal management style, you’ll be inspired and motivated to set new standards of excellence in your office.

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