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How do you build the team of your dreams?  ONE-ON-ONE Recruiting with industry icons Judy LaDeur and Kathy Baker.   Join them for THREE game-changing days of skill development, dialogues, strategies and solutions —  followed by one year of follow up support and unbelievable results!  What do they do that’s different?  They remove the option to fail!

Customized for You: This powerful program can be customized to your company. Participants will learn recruiting systems for new and experienced agents, dialogs to recruit new and experienced agents, presentation skills designed to sign them up in one interview, how to hire on value, not money, and overcoming any stall or objection.

Bonus topics include retention, holding your new agents accountable to be productive in less than 30 days, and general management support for today’s market. The retreat is for companies with eight or more managers and recruiters. It is conducted in your hometown and specific to your organization.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

Build a Strong Foundation

  • Building the right list of top producers for your office. How to find them, connect with them and ultimately hire them.
  • Create a customized marketing plan for your organization that generates curiosity and desire to know more about how you support your agents. Each participant will receive a flash drive of their marketing pieces to take back to their office.
  • Develop dialogs designed to book 3-5 appointments per week with experienced agents to ensure that you have 3 interviews per week. You’ll receive a book of scripts to use and learn how to develop scripts to follow up every marketing piece that goes out. Setting appointments will be EASY!
  • Learn how to promote your success in the marketplace, which acts like a magnet to attract the best agents to your company. Affiliate members will also refer agents to your office.
  • Learn the best 8 “results-based” systems to network and build relationships with the agents in your market. Recruiting is about timing, and the goal is to be positioned when the time is right.
  • Facial recognition is a key component for success in recruiting. We teach you how to look at the photo of the agent you ‘re interviewing, know their hot buttons and how to proceed based.

Master Strong Interview Skills & Develop Your Value Proposition

  • Learn the 7-step interview process that has proven to help recruiters hire 60%-70% of the experienced agents they interview, in the first interview.
  • Get the direction you need.  Nothing’s left to chance.  You’ll learn how to walk your recruit through their needs and concerns, and help determine if your office is the best place for them.
  • Develop your power broker skills. From fine tuning presentation skills  to presenting your value, you’ll learn from your peers as well as your coaches and receive valuable, specific feedback for long-term success.

Handling Stalls & Objections

  • You will learn the #1 thing that prevents brokers from hiring agents on the first interview, and how to prevent it from happening.
  • Get specific dialogs and techniques to overcome the 8 most common stalls or objections.
  • The 5-step objection handling process is the most important tool that you have to determine the real objection, and overcome it.
  • Participants learn the art of Value Closing. No more “let’s make a deal” to get them signed up!
  • You will learn & role play the 4-step process of preventing Broker Buy Back after you’ve hired an agent.
  • Hiring newly licensed agents is easy. Hiring the right new agents is more of a challenge. We show you how to develop a partnership agreement designed to hold them accountable and get them productive within 30-60 days of starting their real estate career.

Follow up…

This is a one year program. You will also receive:

  • A detailed follow up report of assignments to complete in the first 30 days.
  • A written evaluation of your skills, strengths and areas to work on.
  • You will be enrolled in the Master Recruiter Club for one year. These are group calls every three weeks with other brokers and recruiters from around the country to discuss challenges and solutions for your toughest recruiting situations. (A $1,200 value)
  • You will be enrolled in the next recruiting blitz. This is a program which holds you accountable for 30 days with other recruiters and brokers across the country. You’ll compete for great prizes for our top recruiters. (An $800 value)
  • The Profitable Recruiter CDs to enhance your skill development after the program, as well as our Powerful Phone scripts for Master Recruiters and Recruiting Letters Library. ($600 value)

Results You Can Count On: Extraordinary! Many have literally saved their office from closing in this market. Many have hired more agents in 6 months with our training, than the past 2-4 years with their previous plan. The average broker/recruiter hires 15-25 agents within 6 months, and almost all hires are experienced agents. Our top recruiters and brokers are hiring 50-100 agents per year!

What is a program with those results worth to you?  How many agents do YOU want to Hire?

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