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Judy LaDeur Testimonials

I just have to share what a great job my managers are doing with the tools you gave them. They had fabulous couple of months of recruitment but they have recruited 15 agents in 15 days! All solid producing experienced agents!! We have only scratched the surface of putting the systems into effect. We are starting our mail campaign this month and will be adding more of the items over the next 60 days.

Thank you so much for your impact on our company. It is appreciated! We are the ONLY company in DFW that the agent count is going up and not down (I track 2 times a week- have done that for years) and it is apparent the difference your system has made for us!

Lori Arnold, President/Owner


I attended Judy LaDeur’s One on One training in 2009 as a new recruiter. All of our managers have been trained by Judy. Since her training 3 months ago we have hired 57 experienced agent who brought over  $136,515,463.00 in production and a YTD total of 126 hires and $272,972.584.00. You can not afford NOT to attend Judy’s seminar!

Darin Miller, Sacramento, CA


I had the opportunity to be coached by Judy and have been extremely impressed with her ideas and dialogue.  It’s so easy to say the wrong thing when trying to get great brokers to join your company and Judy makes it easy to learn to say the right thing.  She is very straight forward, easy to follow and makes recruiting fun!  My recruiting partner, Terry Towndrow, and I recruited 84 experienced agents for Coldwell Banker Legacy last year!  A big part of our success was because of Judy!  Thank you Judy for helping us grow our company and bring great, qualified, producing brokers on board.  You ROCK!

Michelle Navarrette, Albuquerque, NM


Judy LaDeur has done a fantastic job training and motivating RE/MAX Brokers, Managers and Recruiters across the country to recruit and retain the real estate industry’s best professionals. Her energy is contagious and will help anyone who recruits, regardless of their office size.”

Diane  Metz, CRB ,


For years, our recruiting efforts were centered on new sales associates. Then we began an initiative to direct our efforts towards experienced agents.  We recognized how important it was going to be given a changing market.  When we started, we only recruited 5 experienced agents.  That’s when we decided to bring Judy in.  Thanks to her, over the next seven months we recruited 34.  What a difference!  And that’s not all.  In the first three months of this year, 27 more experienced agents were recruited to our company.  These 27 agents produced over $2 million dollars in combined revenue last year -THANKS Judy!  Your training and systems are terrific.

Joe E.  Gilmore,


Judy LaDeur is by far, the finest recruiting trainer in the nation. I have worked with her for the last few years and have received the finest training available. Using Judy’s systems I went from hiring maybe one agent in a month to averaging 10 per month. Her systems and mentoring style coaching provided the skills I use today.

Rick  Crompton,


Since the implementation of Judy’s program 4 years ago, I have averaged 85 recruits each year.

Like many others, we decided to raise our standards and only recruit the best agents. I finished the year with 72 great recruits. The implementation and application of Judy’s techniques and systems allowed me to close over 70% of my recruits on the first interview. I am often asked how I recruit an average of 85 agents each year. My answer is simple. Anyone can be a great recruiter if they have the right system combined with accountability, discipline, a daily routine of making calls, and a great coach! Kathy Baker has been my coach for 4 years. Kathy’s support, encouragement and leadership keeps me focused and on the path of success.

Tom  Downing, Colorado Springs, CO


As a full time recruiter for the past three years, the most important thing for me was a system that had already been tried and tested. That system is Judy LaDeur’s Profitable Recruiter program. Through her training and coaching our company hired 126 agents in one year and I personally have averaged 45 recruits each year for the past three years. The system works! Our company was recognized this year as the #1 RE/MAX in Canada, #6 RE/MAX International and the fastest growing REMAX office in the world. We have hired 350 agents over the past three years and opened 3 additional offices since working with Judy. Don’t think about it, just do it!

Staz  Georgoulias, Cambridge, Ontario


Judy LaDeur began working with our recruiting team and helped make it unstoppable. The results have been nothing short of impressive. We grew from 94 agents to 270-making us the largest franchise in Quebec, and have been that way for 10 years running. Judy’s systems and techniques taught us how to increase our consistency and made recruiting top agents easy and automatic! Working with Judy is a MUST not a maybe – nothing is more important than building your business daily, and nobody is better than Judy! We sell almost a billion dollars worth of Real Estate each year, thanks Judy!

Rock Thomas, Montreal, Quebec


When I called Judy I had been a broker in the REMAX system for 5 months. I did not buy this business to list and sell properties. I truly believe the broker’s job is to RECRUIT, RETAIN and MANAGE. I knew absolutely nothing about recruiting. I am not a cold caller so my style is by attraction rather than pursuing. I hired Judy LaDeur as my coach and attended the Profitable Recruiters Retreat. I started with 11 agents, of which 10 needed to be replaced. In the six months following the retreat, I have hired 20 highly productive agents which included the #1 agent in New Hartford. There has never been a greater opportunity for growth and profitability than the current market! We are embracing this market and it’s full steam ahead for us!

Ed  Sutton, East Hartford, CT


Judy LaDeur began working with our recruiting team and the results were incredible. Our recruiting team averaged 10-15 agents per month. Implementation of Judy’s systems, techniques to increase the skill level and confidence of our team, combined with our commitment to continued growth and expansion has been a vital component in making RE/MAX Alliance the largest REMAX Broker in Florida.

Peter Crowley, Sarasota, FL

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